SR22 Insurance in South Carolina

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Reader’s Question:

My daughter received a suspension for 3 months in Columbia SC because of an acquired 12 points on her insurance record. They are requesting for an SR-22 certificate. Could you please explain to me why and what the South Carolina law is on SR-22 insurance.


Columbia, SC


The form SR-22 certificate, according to the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles, is required for 3 years from the ending date of the suspension for which it is required. This form is also required during the six months when a person is issued a provisional driver’s license.

The SR-22 form must be on file at the South Carolina DMV before the license can be reinstated. The SC DMV notes that SR-22 insurance is not required if the 3 year requirement period for the original suspension is up.

According to the South Carolina driver’s manual, some suspensions require SC drivers to file SR-22 insurance before their driving privileges can be restored. SR-22 insurance is proof of financial responsibility for the future. If you are required to file SR-22 auto insurance and you fail to carry that coverage, your driving and/or registration privileges will be suspended or revoked and you may be required to pay up to $400 in reinstatement fees.

You may contact the SC DMV to get more information on the exact laws surrounding your daughter’s loss of license due to getting too many points.

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