Non Owner SR22 Insurance in South Carolina

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Reader’s Question:

I think I need to get a non-owner policy in Columbia, South Carolina SC. May I know any more specifics for non-owner and SR22 in SC?


Columbia, SC

Also known as an operator policy, a non-owner insurance policy is really a policy that provides basic mandatory liability coverage on any vehicle that the policyholder operates but does not own. So, if you are driving a friend’s vehicle or a company car used on the job, then you need this type.

This policy may be written exclusive of your existing insurance. This means that if other vehicles in your household have existing insurance, this policy may be issued discretely to satisfy the South Carolina SR-22 high-risk auto insurance requirement. Your current car insurance carrier in SC normally does not need to be notified of your requirement for high-risk short term SR-22 insurance coverage. So if your carrier discovers extreme violations, the premiums may be increased or the policy may be cancelled.

These policies are issued by your local auto insurance agent in Columbia in cooperation with an acceptable insurance company licensed to operate in the State of South Carolina. After the policy is issued by your insurer, its main office electronically files an SR-22 high-risk auto insurance form with the South Carolina DMV Department of Financial Responsibility on the insured’s behalf. The issuing agent in Columbia, South Carolina also files an SR-22 insurance form with the State of South Carolina and the insured receives a copy of the SR-22 insurance form along with the policy and proof of insurance cards.

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