Car Insurance Rate Increase After No Fault Accident

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Reader’s Question:

Can my car insurance company raise my car insurance rate if I got involved in an accident and was not at fault?


Rock Hill, South Carolina

The South Carolina Department of Insurance guide to car insurance states that accidents and infractions may cause your car insurance rate premiums to go up.

According to the DOI document insurance is based in part upon risk. How much more a motorist has to pay for car insurance depends upon that persons driving record and the insurance policy without any traffic violations as offered by the insurance provider.

So if this accident was put on your driving history, even though you were not at fault in an accident, then your insurance provider may use it as part of their rating process for you. I suggest that you speak with your insurance broker about your insurance company’s rating system and if this not at fault accident will increase or affect your car insurance rates in any way.


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